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Garden Design Ideas For Walls Dream

Garden Design Ideas For Walls Dream - A few days ago we talked about the care of the gardens located on slopes. One of the biggest problems facing this challenging way to grow plants is the soil. Being inclined allows greater drainage and therefore more difficult the development of plants.

We also face problems such as erosion

rock garden design bamboo wood

One of the techniques we could use to fight was sowing plants in parallel and longitudinally. Thus we would create a natural barrier combined with the use of terraces help make better use of rainfall and prevent landslide. On this last point we are talking about today.

Landscaping, treated wood wall

lawn garden design wooden wall plants

In garden design retaining walls are an integral part across the landscape. In addition to serving for control of the land located on slopes also they have a decorative purpose for our gardens. It is an element that will always be useful and attractive. Complemented with our landscape is important.

Garden design, modern style with plants

modern design container gardens terrace

The mere fact of adding flowers and plants in general, soften the texture of the wall. Especially in cases that are of stone but not the only variant as discussed below. In designing gardens must often deal with minor landslides and this is where the retaining wall is very useful. We can even build one for ourselves easily.

Design steps and decorative plants

xeriscape garden design modern stairway

The right project and a good selection of materials make it sturdy enough while remaining affordable. Resistance is a key factor and at the same time should be functional. The height cover is one of the details that we must consider before starting construction. The choice of materials must pass obviously our personal taste.

Contrast creepers with flowers

flower garden design concrete road

Some specialists recommend that matches the material of the house. Today we will mainly treat two types of materials, wood and stones. In the case of the woods usually they are pine. The wood is treated to make it more resistant. The pressure-treated pine is ideal for a relatively inexpensive wall. The natural texture of the wood is complemented much better with the garden unlike concrete and other materials.

Metal retaining wall

garden pots design metal wall

We must also bear in mind that despite being treated with the passage of time moisture and mold can damage it. The wood is probably the least expensive option for retaining walls, but the main factor to consider is longevity. Although it is obviously much more durable than untreated. In garden design should be used for low-rise walls and in areas with good drainage. We should opt for a more resistant material if our wall will have a greater than two feet tall.

Wall treated wood and gravel terraces

wood design succulent gardens gravel

The walls of natural stone in garden design adds a greater sense of continuity over time. They give the possibility to cover curves in the ground as we can go by placing the material in a more flexible way. We can not achieve with wood for its inability to bend. A solid foundation ensure durability and low maintenance.

Modern design wooden decks

timber garden design macetasterrazas

It will be an effective method against erosion and can create areas for planting terraces way. Especially if the wall is more than three feet high. It is also an opportunity to create gardens with Xeriscape using rocks. The main drawback is that the retaining wall should not be very high due to its stability. The stone walls in the garden design are appropriate to accentuate an existing plot.

Three variants of materials for walls

wooden garden design concrete rocks

They add texture and greater contrast to plants. It is desirable to close the inside wall fabric and better control the bad herbs. The voids can fill with gravel or other smaller stones we find in our garden. More than its functional aspect as a room divider or as containment, can be excellent for landscaping variants. We can place pots or containers of flowers on it.

Concrete wall wooden terrace

modern design courtyard terrace gardens

We will create a very attractive combination of pots of different colors and sizes. Plant selection is equally important whether a retaining wall treated wood or stone. The vines and creepers plants like jasmine or lady night are one of the most indicated. Plant vines along the wall, can be guided without difficulty to grow up or around the wall.

Wood and concrete wall combined

concrete wall design xeriscape gardens

We will create a beautiful view and a highly exuberant design. In contrast to the flowers we can add a layer of mulch will also favor soil care. Finally we can choose from a wide range of plants and shrubs are perennial or that complement the wall. It is only important to choose plants resistant to weather and natural conditions in general. A selection of native plants could be the best option.

Plants cascading over metallic wall

garden design metal wall plants

Other decorative elements such as sunlamps luminaires specifically placed along the wall, would create an intimate and unique landscape. We can put another light source to illuminate deem appropriate areas of interest that we desire. The positive thing is that sunlamps are affordable and durable. Highly functional for garden design retaining walls hold the soil in the gardens on slopes.

Green concrete wall

garden design green concrete wall

Even on flat ground. We have a variety of materials to choose from stone to wood or even concrete. The truth is that they give a different touch to our garden. How to insert them into our landscape and build something unique, are the examples we see today.

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