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10 Future Technology That Will Revolutionize Our Planet Before 2030

10 Future Technologies That Will Revolutionize Our Planet Before 2030 - Which describes his work as a prediction about the possibilities of science rather than a good Desires letter states that during the next 15 to 20 years we will see some progress that, like the Internet for the current generation, will revolutionize areas such as health, hunger and ecological disaster.

Future Technology That Will Revolutionize Our Planet Before 2030

As in the British series Black Mirror, Dvorsky imagine the likely evolution of the current state of technology and proposes the next 10 inventions as imminent before 2030.

1. Personal Assistants with Artificial Intelligence

The program Siri the latest models of Apple future technology will only be the ancestor of the personal assistants of the next generation of computing devices and customized. Ubiquitous, able to adapt and understand the precise needs of users, these assistants will be able to behave as we would agree to answer emails and appointments, leading an agenda for themselves and telling us about it, as a personal assistant. Dvorsky warns, however, that we must care how much autonomy we give our virtual clones.

2. Computers, computers everywhere

The notion of a completely computerized world is not only the story of a futuristic novel, but something we already begin to see future technology in automobiles and many appliances. This phenomenon is described as "everyware" computers are present in our clothes, in our fashion accessories and even contact lenses. We will communicate with them through an interface based on natural touch gestures and vocal language daily; however, the difference is that computers take autonomous decisions (such as adjusting the size of clothes, as it can see in the movie Back To The Future 3), so its presence is almost imperceptible.

3. Virtual Pets with digital minds

Although emulate a human brain is still well above the capabilities of current technology, current projects as OpenWorm seeking scan the brain of a worm, so soon begin experiments to emulate neural functions of more complex organisms such as mammals. Digital minds of animals could be "uploaded" to a robotic interface, revolutionizing our relationship with pets and enabling us to better understand the evolution of species.

4. The first projects of large-scale geoengineering

As climate change becomes more dramatic, science will have to start looking for practical solutions to maintain the conditions of life on Earth as stable. Some of the most controversial geoengineering techniques ranging from artificial trees and ocean fertilization to climate control projects to offset carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

5. Interplanetary Internet

Manned missions to Mars will be a reality by 2030, either in exploration or NASA interplanetary colonization, as the project MarsOne Virgin company, which plans to lead a civilian crew to the red planet. However, communication between Mars and Earth also can be seen as the first form of interplanetary contact you have taken the man, so there will be many technical needs to solve.

6. The first effective anti-aging treatments truly

Gerontology is making strides, and while old age remains an inevitable condition, this branch of medicine is exploring what makes the genetic code centenarian populations or families to achieve longevity and perpetuate health. Some of these projects to overcome old age definitely include therapies to recharge the mitochondria of cells and map the genetic code of particularly long-lived individuals.

7. Autonomous military machines

Although it might seem a fantasy of Terminator type today and there are no controlled human systems that have military, tactical and strategic potential. The Aegis Combat System, which is already in operation, has a system not monitored by human operators that automatically detects missile launches enemies to intercept and destroy them, besides the REDOWL system, which is responsible for finding and eliminating enemy snipers in war zones.

Naturally the biggest concerns are the ethical rather than technical side, although military future technology has historically been one of the advancing faster and enabling the technological power of a country or group over others.

8. Organ Transplants for all

Personalized medicine based on particular genes of people and the possibility of producing, through biotechnology, autonomous human organs tailored to patients will eventually become irrelevant figure of donor organs. By 2030 we will produce organs and tissues from stem cells of each person, which would decrease almost entirely the risk that organs are rejected by the body.

9. 3D printer in every home

As with televisions in the 50 or personal computers over the past 30 years, 3D printers follow the same cycle slow adoption and massification. Having a machine that can produce anything that we need to radically change our buying habits and the way companies market their products instead of offering completed in a physical store objects, brands will offer three-dimensional drawings to download and use in our dimensional printers.

In addition, the first attempts to "print" food in these devices is already underway, and there are plans to produce "printed" shots in 3D, so that during a pandemic, people do not even have to leave their homes (for what the Zombie Apocalypse or "Z-Day" would definitely canceled).

10. Heal the world's thirst with seawater

Today there are already major projects to desalinate seawater and use it as drinking water. By 2030, these projects will grow at an industrial scale, making use of renewable energy resources for its operation, such as solar energy and photovoltaic cells. Experts say that deficits of drinking water in large areas of the planet will be history by the end of the 2030s.

It is likely that our understanding of what should be the future technology of our civilization is less related to search for mass production of flying cars and focus on health and nutrition solutions that enable life on the planet as we know it.

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