Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Value Of Punctuality In Children

The Value Of Punctuality In Children - According defends the Royal Academy dela Spanish Language, punctuality is the care and diligence in doing things in due time. Certainly a virtue in the world in which we live becomes an obligation. That is why you must give face value children, educate them on punctuality mean a commitment for them to perform the tasks on time, arrive on time to school or to catch the last bus.
To do nothing better than to set an example, as is well known parents are the mirror where their children are reflected, therefore, we must be responsible and be punctual, but not possible career in purpose.

Punctuality, a value to work with children

How to teach children punctuality

Punctuality is one of the values ​​from very small to work with children. Maybe when they are smaller tend to believe that things with children take time and five minutes up or down will not lead to anything, but humans tend to take taste to such attitudes and what at first are 5 minutes, at the end turn out to be 20, and that in the future is not a trait that they will make things easier face to find a job or stay where you get. No one will hire someone who comes to a job interview 20 minutes late, or 5 minutes each day.

One of the foundations for punctuality is based on all the time or situation in life, whether it be a formal meeting, meet with friends, or with the dentist, it is sufficiently important and requires our attention and therefore our commitment from minute one with that situation.
Although as we say every situation is important, not all are equally important and it is also necessary to educate children so they know give priority to the tasks that touches them to undertake, sure it is important for them to play to the console, but the console will keep in place the next day and be on time for an examination and the lesson learned not wait to tomorrow.

Patience with children, anyone can have a cluelessness

Children are very confused and when they get to play or watch a film completely from the world around them forget, something difficult to adopt such an important value as punctuality, but is not exclusive to the smallest, whom He has not gone to heaven holy talking to a friend, or watching our favorite series. Therefore it should not be hard on them if they are not punctual at the beginning or at any given time because all can happen to us. With a bit of dialogue and understanding by parents and acquire a commitment not be repeated by the children, and certainly gradually become a more responsible and punctual child.

Although parents tipping over completely in trying to inculcate punctuality their children, if in the end they lack the will and sacrifice necessary to achieve it, it will not help. Therefore you must discover the cause of the problem, either irresponsibility, disorder or laziness, and try to fix it. Get up earlier, going to bed earlier, have fewer distractions during the day ...
Any help is little and often necessary, there are children who are misled by nature and that they could use the help of a great clock or electronic device with built-in alarm and remind the child that it's time to do so.