Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Value Of Fidelity In Children

The Value Of Fidelity In Children - We all want our children to grow up with basic values ​​that facilitate their coexistence and enable them happiness. To be honest, loyal, sincere, tolerant and faithful person learns, but learns constantly and with examples where to look.

The value of fidelity, so tied to the value of loyalty is something that should not be lacking to our children. To do this, parents are the first we must be clear what really means faithfulness and what they consist of all these advantages of being a faithful and loyal person.

Explain to children what is faithfulness

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Faithfulness implies commitment and responsibility therefore may take us a while to make them understand our children what it really means to be a faithful person. A faithful child is a child who does not cheat, do not lie, that assumes the positive or negative consequences of telling the truth. A faithful child is also a child who knows how to value the ties with their parents, their brothers, their friends.

Valuing people around us, making them feel they are important to us, to respect their strengths and weaknesses, support them and commit ourselves to maintain the link, are some of the key for children to understand what it means to be faithful. But if you do not see in your own home, we can do little. Once again, we face the powerful educational effect of example.

The child must understand that fidelity is a core value. Be true to your parents is not trying to deceive. Be true to your friends is to support at all times. But more importantly someone who demonstrate loyalty: be true to yourself. And that many adults still have not understood is the key to a child developing a happy childhood and become a self-confident adult.

How to teach children loyalty

The child must understand the value of fidelity day. You have to show that with a discussion not love or commitment, nor the bond between two people breaks. A fight that is not a way to remove the baby, but a way to improve coexistence. Adults remain faithful to family responsibilities and fulfill its promises, it is the most effective way for the child to learn what it means to be faithful way.

Like many other values, fidelity can be taught through children's stories. Stories that illustrate the negative result of being disloyal, betrayal or a lie, but they also show the benefits of being faithful, more friends, more confident, more happiness.

In general, the concepts related to fidelity are trust, understanding, loyalty, commitment, responsibility, friendship and respect. A whole cluster of values ​​that each child will acquire throughout their childhood and containing the best resources to be a child and a happy adult.