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The Responsability, Teach Values To Children

The Responsability, Teach Values To Children - Educating children is a responsible long-term task that requires dedication. To foster a sense of responsibility in the NOS is advisable to start training them gradually commitment, trying to from small children take charge, within its capabilities, to pick up your room, setting the table, to organize your backpack or your suitcase.

What does being responsible for children?

Responsibility as a social value is linked to its commitment. The responsibility ensures compliance with the commitments and generates confidence and peace among people. All responsibility is closely linked to the obligation and duty. Both concepts are the raw material of responsibility.

Through games or group activities, it is easier and more fun, teach the sense of responsibility to children and are more likely to understand their 'duties and obligations'. Be responsible in the global sense of the word means:

1. Responsibility for oneself: I am responsible to make my desires, my choices and my actions, my personal happiness, choosing the values ​​by which I live and to raise the level of my self-esteem.

2. Responsibility to the tasks to develop: I am responsible for how I distribute my time and do my duties and backlogs.

3. Liability consumption: I am responsible for my expenses, to care for my stuff and choose gifts for Christmas, Birthday ...

4. Responsibility towards society: I am responsible for my behavior with others: co-workers, family, friends and communicate correctly with others.

Guidelines for children to learn to be responsible

1. Each time you assign a task to your son / daughter and accept the compliance with it, you must accept also meet the given word.

2. If you mess up, accept your mistakes with humility and invite your child to do what you need to return to the right path.

3. Teach the value of self-commitment. It is critical for a responsible person, and you should always keep in mind that you must meet other people, without forgetting that the first person has a duty to oneself.

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