Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Honesty, The Values In The Education Of Children

The Honesty, The Values In The Education Of Children - What is honesty? How can we teach children to be honest? Honesty is one of the most important values ​​in the formation of the personality and character of children. It is the basis of their relationships with others. An honest person attracts the trust and respect of others. What can we do to get our children to be honest with us, others with family and friends?

10 tips to educate honesty in children

How to teach the value of honesty to children
To provide education on honesty to children, parents and educators have held a great mission. Follow some tips for the awakening of honesty in children is a reality:

1. attracts Honesty honesty. So the first thing they should do parents and educators is to preach this value example. Is doing what it can and not what can not, for example. It is to do what you say and say and promise and then not deliver.

2. To develop a child honesty is necessary to form concepts, knowledge, skills, feelings and emotions, experiences and experiences that lead you to be honest.

3. First, teach children to be honest with themselves. Bring to know its limitations, its strengths and weaknesses, and behavior.

4. It is important to know the children that honest behavior generates good friends and a positive moral recognition in others.

5. Being honest is striving to do something useful for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return.

6. Being honest is to respect others is not appropriate what belongs to others, is to be sincere in the relationship with the other, it is not to lie and tell the truth, however hard it is.

7. At school, teachers can invite children to draw pictures or paint and color them the aid stand out to others.

Children can internalize 8- examples of honesty through conversation, observation and play with their parents, siblings and teachers.

9. For every honest conduct children develop, reward them should know his time. The prize can reinforce this behavior in children.

10. Talking to children about the consequences of dishonesty. A dishonest person may suffer from loneliness, anxiety, being branded a liar, not having friends or the trust of others.