Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Collaboration Of Children On Holiday

The Collaboration Of Children On Holiday - Cleaning, sweeping, mopping, sorting toys is often too much for the mothers and the truth is that children could lend a hand with these tasks. Orders or small chores are an effective means of educating for coexistence. And the holidays, the propitious time to launch a family action plan. But it is not purely and simply to distribute tareasy then scold if we do not take forward: Allocate and monitor orders is also an art because it involves knowing what and who order something.

How children can collaborate on household chores?

Tips for children to assist in household chores

It is best to distribute tasks wondering what can be more education for each child according to his character and personal skills. It is important to demonstrate that the chores are not the responsibility of women, but of all who live in it. Also, to avoid setting any reward system.

No child anything to offer in exchange for help out with chores. The small must learn the value of order and that does not imply any reward, but it is an obligation of all to keep the house tidy. On the contrary, you have to motivate them with phrases like 'We are a team', 'What you do or do not do affects others', 'No hotel - Yes home', 'No help fulfill but to serve'.

Each family has its own style and some households these slogans can cause much laughter. Also you have to praise them when they do well, to encourage them. However you can not expect perfect order or a complete collection, but the important thing is that small learn to pick up their toys and collaborate with parents.

Assignments and tasks to the children for holidays

The orders are not to ease the burden of parents in summer or Christmas, or to take advantage of the free time of the children, but to make them stronger to face life. Ideally, it is best and who can make the child only, but teaching guidelines to be constantly at work. Tips on the tasks that the child should do every day:

- Make your bed

- Sort the room and bathroom

- Collect toys, clothes and desk

- Tell the damage of your clothes and get help to fix

- Save the video I saw, heard the disc, the book he read.

Daily tasks for children

They are distributed among the brothers and can change a week or fortnight.

- Help prepare meals menu

- Help set and clear the table

- Assist with toilet (sweeping, garbage, passing dust, etc.)

- Answer the phone

- Watering plants

- Sort chairs

- Put the basket of dirty clothes and then take it to the laundry

- Turn off lights and put keys to the doors

- Watering the garden

- Care and feeding the dog, cat or other animal

- Pick up the mail

- Download and upload blinds

- Organize the kitchen.

Weekly assignments for children

They are also distributed among the brothers, but since there have to be done every day, are of longer duration:

- Take out the trash

- Put toilet paper in the bathrooms

- Gather old newspapers or old bottles for recycling

- Check what is lacking in the larder

- Help the mother to coordinate the weekly menu

- Distribute ironing clothes on each bed.