Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Teach Values, Friendship

Teach Values, Friendship - Friendship is one of the most important to develop children's education values. It is personal, pure and disinterested affection, shared with another person who is born and is strengthened by the interrelationships between humans.

In order for the child to learn about the value of friendship is necessary to train them with ideas, knowledge, skills, emotions, experiences, feelings, and to prepare to live in harmony and respect.

How to teach children to have friends

friends embraced

Children should know who is a good friend and why, how good friends behave, and how to maintain a good friendship. They must learn that a good friend can be forever, and that it is necessary to cultivate and nurture friendship, day after day, at school, in the park, in the vicinity, etc. Contact with peers makes the universe of the child is even grander and richer. Through the other, he can learn a lot from everything and himself.

The child can learn to be a friend

- Look for conciliation and not fight with peers

- Share your toys with other children

- Talk and serving others

- Help a fellow who has done something wrong wrong explaining his performance

- He cares about his teammates

- It strives to do something useful for the benefit of friends

- Encourage the companion or friend who is sad

- It is pleased with the positive achievements of others

- Invite your friends to play at home

- For some wounded or sick friend you worry

- Shows affection and love your friends