Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teach Values, The Example

Teach Values, The Example - The example is one of the most valuable educational tools with which parents have. It is at home where children find their best school, and the family provides the child with all stimuli for development and growth.

It is in the family where children learn to talk, to behave, to relate, to live. Relationships between parents and children are therefore the main source of learning for the child. Therefore, our example, will be key in educating children. Our behavior, will the future behavior of our children.

Tips to educate our children by example

 Teach by example
The example is the basis for the child to acquire another set of values ​​such as generosity, kindness, respect, sincerity, tolerance, perseverance. If parents do not show these values ​​in their daily lives, it will be difficult to children can develop. It is essential to be aware of the impact our example in the education of our children.

1. The behavior of parents has more impact than words. If a parent asks the child to be generous, but he does not make the act of sharing, the child can hardly acquire the value of generosity. Being consistent is essential. We can not demand that we ourselves do not do.

2. The example is not only related to dealing with others but refers to any action of life, whether hygiene, speech or even how to eat. Our children will learn of any action we undertake.

3. There is no age to begin to lead by example, from an early age children see their parents as if they were looking in a mirror. Educating in more than a form of education example, it is a lifestyle that children acquire, so we have to be careful and very neat in our behaviors.

4. It is necessary to have time for the children so they can learn from parents and their behavior. If we delegate the education of the children to school, caregivers or grandparents may not get the values ​​we want to inculcate.

5. Parents need to be aware at all times watching us, therefore, if we lose patience at a given moment, we do not control our words or act wrong, our children will be there to learn from what we are doing, scoring and filing in his memory.