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Small Ideas to Decorating Bathrooms

Small Ideas to Decorating Bathrooms - If your bathroom is small you do not have to resign yourself and forget about it. The interior design and decoration works for any type of space, is the size you need. With a little imagination you can achieve true wonders in small bathrooms that will make it a nicer place.

The main objective in the decoration and reform of small bathrooms is to get useful space. A very effective way is to convert the whole bathroom in a large shower, eliminating separations as the screen limits the tub and / or shower. The main drawback of doing this is moisture, so it would be very convenient to isolate the bathroom interior design very efficiently to prevent leaks, besides not having objects that spoil with moisture. In the next picture we see an example of what we mean.

 small bathrooms

Following the idea of ​​optimizing the available space, in this picture we can see how the door of the screen is used to put a horizontal bar as a door handle and towel rail.

shower door towel rack

Another site with space that is not used to using is the headspace of the toilet. As much we paper rolls above the cistern. We have many different options to take interior design advantage of that space, but our recommendation is to place furniture for small bathrooms as the image that will allow us and others to put toilet paper rolls parts, spare towels and soap and the like.

vanity tops

The bathroom door used to be on the inside hangers for clothes and towels, but no one said we can not do that with style. We can see in the picture below how well are the two towel bars placed behind the door. In addition to aesthetically improve the small bathroom, also we saved the space for towels elsewhere that would take us more living space.

towel rails

If the structure of the walls allows, you can always save precious space, creating a hole in the wall to create a kind of small closet without doors interior design.

hollow wall shower

One way to give a radical change to our bathroom is using platelets that simulate stone. Changing a single wall with this type of coating give a new modern touch to the environment. Of course, this idea works regardless of the size of the bathroom.

false wall sink

Add a touch of green and nature to the bathroom. Finds out that indoor plants can survive with high humidity and heat that forms in the bathroom and do not hesitate to use them. You'll feel better with this more natural environment.

plants shower

Here we find a double proposal in the same image. In modern bathrooms and small it would have to have the largest mirror possible - without frames - to give an airy feel to the whole atmosphere. We can also find a painting, a portion of which can only be read either through the mirror. A great idea.

large mirror

Very handy this footrests for the shower, as we can see in the picture. Sure we'll use it much.

 footrests shower

Looking for fun vinyls to give a touch of humor to the environment and brighten faces. In this example we can find a notice to them. no longer have excuses to leave open the toilet lid.


I hope some of these ideas for decorating and apply in decorating small bathrooms have inspired you.

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