Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How To Teach Values ?

How To Teach Values ? - We wonder sometimes why it is important and necessary that we educate our children through values. Educating our children to learn to value certain behaviors and behaviors will help them live better and feel good in the environment in which they are.

Values ​​such as friendship, understanding, tolerance, patience, solidarity and respect are essential for healthy development of children.

A child who knows the limit of the other, can live a healthy life, either in their family or school environment. A child who knows how to respect others, be more easily respected, and so with everything.

Transmit values ​​to children

Girls make bubbles

Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes that we behave and who agree with what we consider right. At birth, children are neither good nor bad. With the help of their parents, educators and those who live with them, they will learn what is right and what is wrong to say, do, act, live.

But how to educate their children in values? First, knowing each of values. made a selection of the main values ​​for parents to make a review and then teach in the day to day their children, and with examples.

It is also necessary to remind that children learn by example. The example set by their parents in the way they relate to others, to ask for things, share a table, seat, to cooperate, to help others, to defend, to claim, to tolerate and accept. If parents do not have patience with your child, what do you think the child will learn? The responsibility of parents in transmitting values ​​to their children is crucial.