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Home Staging, To Sell Fast Decorate Your Flat

Home Staging, To Sell Fast Decorate Your Flat - The Home Staging is decorating an apartment or house to facilitate their sale to prospective customers. The literal translation of this phrase would be something like "staging of the house," although in Spain we know more as a floor sample.

But not only applies to new work. It is increasingly common sight in the sale of private homes interior design by the great advantages of both sale and rent.

home staging

It is a real estate marketing technique whose main objective is to accelerate the sale or rental of the apartment or house in question. We should differentiate the Home Staging Interior in detail: the main goal of Home Staging is the sale or rental of housing while the interior design is to prepare the house to live in it. Generally, furniture and decor prepared not sold with the house, but there is always the option to do so.

Like many other marketing strategies, its origin can be found in the United States in the 70s following the housing boom that occurred in that country.

Advantages Of Home Staging

The advantages focus for the home seller, as different market studies conducted among promoters of new construction and estate agencies specialized in the sale of houses for sale, note the following points:

The first impression of potential customers is far superior in a house decorated in an empty. Increased visits by prospective buyers that the photographs published in magazines real estate portals and attract more customers.

It is found that the sample promotions floors and floors preparer for Home Stager sold at higher than others of the same features and price zones.

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