Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Empathy In Children, Teaching Values

Empathy In Children, Teaching Values - Child psychologist Alicia Banderas teaches parents through his book 'Children Happy' how to educate children on the value of empathy and perseverance so that in the future will be people able to work together and deal with problems with determination.

In we talked to Alicia Banderas what is essential for life and the future of professional dreams of children to educate them in certain values ​​such as empathy.

Educating empathy and perseverance

How to teach values ​​to children.

We are in a world where teamwork is premium. Today have a brilliant career does not guarantee you anything. Professional and general life success depends on managing emotions, how to work with people.

Empathy is educated, and a clear example of this is when a child does something wrong or cause harm to someone, then parents can have three questions thus avoiding let the problem:

1. How do you think has felt the friend who you hurt.
2. How would you feel if you had done it.
3. What can you do to fix it.

With these three simple questions you can educate the child in empathy and sociability, in the same way as for the will and determination you have to educate them in perseverance. Normally, when children are studying a math problem, for example, quickly become frustrated when they do not get the solution.

Anxiety can them and makes them stop exercising unresolved, so you have to teach children that anxiety is overcome by carefully reading the statement, breathing deeply for a few seconds and when they see that they can return to face the problem they will successfully.

If parents get their children compredan the importance of being perseverant, when life put them in difficulty they will know that a little bad at first but with perseverance to make it through.