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Decorate shelves, Fresh Ideas

Decorate shelves, Fresh Ideas - The decoration of shelves is one of the queries most sought after professionals decoration, since every house we find them, but are not limited only to the shelves of living, and that can be put in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, under the stairs, up the stairs and up shelves in the closets. To help inspire we present some decorating ideas to decorate shelves sure that will help.

Our Proposals To Decorate Shelves

shelves window

This modern bookshelf advantage from a large bright space, the window to create a large structure around optimizing space, while gaining space for a furniture to lie down and read next to the window. Attention to detail the color of the wood, which is the same as the aluminum window that does not clash. In addition, the black around a light source achieves the shelf spend a little unnoticed in a quick glance.

Original shelf

I can say without doubt that this original shelf is one of my favorites. And not by its structure, since there is nothing special, but for its color. Taking advantage of the size of the cabinet, the same color the effect that we have all painted wall, giving a very original to the corner of the room of this house air. In addition, as the finale, they have a stylish lights that make the finishing touch. Definitely a great success.

decoration idea

With a fun style interior design, this little wall shelf is suitable for any corner of the house, even for the children's room. The decor is achieved with colored paper and different prints and drawings, combined with no apparent order and achieved great decorative result. This is a simple job that we could do without many problems in our own home.

library for books

This image is the demonstration that a bookcase can have style. Decoration and distribution of books in the bookcase achieved that, despite being full, transmit an air of order and decoration, as was the intention of the books distributed in this way. However, to achieve this effect you need looong books.

decorate stairs

Decorate stairs is an art in addition to one of the best ways to take advantage of the unoccupied spaces and gain space. In this case it created a shelf along the entire wall of the staircase, achieving a visual effect of fusion between the library and the staircase, as both use the same color.

 decorate shelves

As we can see, to decorate bookshelves do not need to have hundreds of them. With a little imagination we can always get ideas like photography. If we put the books parallel to the wall, leaning to it, they take up much more space and is more pleasing to the eye portholes see the spines of the books. In this case and the subject of books for a children's shelf, but this technique can be used in any environment and decor themed reading.

shelving books

Not have to look far to see how they have decorated the library. In each shelf have been grouped books by colors, giving it a more orderly and original touch, as well as complement, teapots have different styles. At home we can order books following this method, supporting teapots but not with the objects that already have at home and we like.

ladder shelf

Converts an old ladder on an original shelf where to place books. If you try to put it into practice, notice that the ladder is not touching the wall, and that the books do not fall, the ladder must have some separation wall. This example could classify within decorative shelf where the shelf shimmers over the content and distribution of the same.

themed shelf

Many times we sin when decorating a shelf monotony and the typical things we all do, into something dull and boring. A proposal that is sure can inspire a thematic shelf. What does that mean? For all the objects found in it are related to the same subject, in the case of the photo with the sea. You only have to think that's what you like best or one of your favorite decorations to choose that you want for your furniture hobbies.

library shelf

Combine the orientation of the books in our library is a good solution interior design, since books simultaneously serve as bookends, besides being very well as decoration

modular shelving

Sure, when you think of modular shelves you did not have this in mind. If you're a little handyman you can create your own modular shelving and if necessary, make it grow over time, adapting to your decor and space. You can see all the steps to achieve it. Also, you will see that are cheap wooden shelves.

rustic shelf

Another example of theming we have in this rustic shelf where all elements have an air of antiquity that makes us want to know who were the original owners of all these decorative objects.

a shelf decoration

This colorful shelf uses a similar idea we have seen about using decorative papers for the bottom of the recesses of the library. In this case they have painted the interiors of different colors but are not random. If you look, the colors go up in the chromatic scale, starting and ending with violet red.

original decoration

When we decorate a shelf and we want to be original interior design, we have to run away from the books, at least as far as possible. Use unusual objects in the decoration can convey an air of originality very elegant and fun. In the picture we can see, among other objects, a shoe.

colors on the shelf

In addition to the colors of the books or paint the shelf itself, we can also play with colored objects to decorate our shelves with our own style interior design and be original and daring. Sometimes, the most daring and innovative are those who manage to stand out.

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