Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Compassion, Educating Children in Values

Compassion, Educating Children in Values - What is compassion? Compassion is a value that makes us more sensitive and more humane face the difficulties and problems of others. It is a feeling of pity that have towards the evils and misfortunes of others.

It is necessary to teach the child to be compassionate to illness, hardship, bad situations and realities of others. How to educate children to be compassionate?

Arouse feelings of compassion in children

 compassionate children

Parents and educators are responsible, in first line, in taking children to learn compassion. Follow some tips on how to educate them in compassion:

1- The children's stories are a good way to arouse feelings of compassion in children. We have the story "A rabbit on the road", so that they can start parents and educators.

2- Parents should teach values ​​like compassion, by example, and by being compassionate and company visit a neighbor or sick friend, or grandparents.

3- Educators must also teach compassion by example, being compassionate with students who have trouble learning.

4- It is important to talk to children about compassion, about how crucial it is to reach out to the person who has a disability or difficulty. Not enough to feel grief or sorrow, you have to provide help and assistance.

5- We must also take the kids to feel compassion for those who ask for alms in the streets, who have nothing to eat, abandoned and defenseless animals ... and try to help in some way.

6- compassion is advisable to work well in children's activities such as coloring. It is also learned playing. Color or paint drawings reflecting compassionate feelings and attitudes, can help children to internalize this value.

7- In games, children can also arouse feelings of compassion towards disappointment and frustration felt by those who lost the game, as well as to those who fell and those who could not, by any impediment, participate.