Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Communication Between Parents And Children

Communication Between Parents And Children - If dialogue is important in interpersonal relationships, communication is even in the family. Communication is guided by the feelings and the information we transmit and understand.

Communication helps us to establish contact with people, to give or receive information, to express or understand what we think, to convey our feelings, communicate Algin thought, idea, experience or information with the other, and unirmos or link up through affection and empathy.

Tips for improving communication between parents and children

 Communication between mother and daughter

When communication exists in a family, surely it can be said that there is a companionship, complicity, and an atmosphere of unity and affection at home. But above all and most importantly, it is that there is mutual respect and a well-established values ​​rooted to the origin of good relations.

Implementing these recommendations will improve the family climate to facilitate communication and trust between children and adults, including parents and children, and bring positions.

- By giving information, looking to always be in a positive way.
- Obeying the rule that "everything that is said is true."
- Empathize or put ourselves in the place of another.
- Give consistent and not contradictory messages.
- Listen with attention and interest.
- Create an emotional climate that facilitates communication.
- Ask the advice and opinion to others.
- Express and share feelings.
- Be clear when ordering something.

Dialog in the Family

Creating a climate of communication in the family, is not an easy task. We must help children with field practices, educational advice and, above all, with the example to create the right environment to facilitate that communication.