Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Communication Between Mother And Daughter

Communication Between Mother And Daughter - Through dialogue, parents and children are better known, mostly known their views and their ability to verbalize feelings, but never the information obtained through a conversation will be more extensive and important than the acquired coexistence.

For this reason, it transmits and coexistence educates more than verbalizing the values ​​that are to instill. On the other hand, any dialogue must accommodate the possibility of replication.

Family communication

 Communication between parents and children
Depending on the words we address children can communicate an attitude of listening or, conversely, ignorance and neglect. There is even parents typology based on the responses they offer their children.

Predisposition to collect another argument and admit that it can not match the befits one of the basic conditions for the dialogue to be viable. If we start from different levels of authority, there will be no dialogue.

The ability to dialogue is referenced security itself having each of the partners. Keep in mind that the family is a principal point of reference for children and young people.

Within the family you can learn to dialogue and, in this capacity, promote important attitudes such as tolerance, assertiveness, dialectical skill, the ability to admit mistakes and to tolerate frustration.