Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Aggressive Behavior In Children

Aggressive Behavior In Children - One of the great difficulties of parents is how to treat aggressive behavior of their children as often confronted with disobedience and rebellion of the children. Aggressiveness is a disorder that, in excess, and if not treated in childhood, probably cause problems in the future, and will be reflected in the form of school failure, lack of ability to socialize and adjustment difficulties.

What do we mean by aggression in children?

Aggressive behavior in children

When speaking of aggression, you are talking about doing harm, physical or psychological, to another person. An intentional action manifested through kicking, scratching, screaming, pushing, swearing, biting, pulling hair someone else. This behavior is relatively common and often occurs when the child turns one year.

When the baby is born, it brings loving and aggressive impulses that, with time and with the care of parents, begin to distinguish and differentiate. Depending on the establishment of their emotional ties begin to develop a kind of personal relationships or other. This is a very important and significant impact on a child's life concept. His personality is built from knowledge of the world around them. For that, it is necessary that the baby feel protected and cared for in their home environment.

The influence of the family in the child's behavior

The family is one of the most important elements within the sociocultural factor of the child. Family is everything to him. The family is the model of attitude, discipline, conduct and behavior. It is one of the factors that influence the construction of aggressive behavior.

It is shown that the type of discipline that applies to the child a family, will be responsible for their aggressive behavior. A parent undemanding, for example, and have hostile attitudes, and that is always disapproving and punishing physical aggression or threatening your child constantly, is encouraging aggression in the child.

Another factor that induces the child to aggression is when the relationship between parents is tense and continued. Within the sociocultural factor influence both the type of neighborhood where you live as the presence of expressions that encourage aggression, like 'Do not be a coward'.

Organic hormonal factors, brain problems, states of malnutrition and health problems, among others, also influence aggressive behavior. And within the social factor, the child has no verbal strategies to cope with difficult situations, be easily driven to aggression.