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Tsunami X Riptide Lemon

On her way out she kissed Riptides handsome snout and flashed I love you squidbrain with a grin. Okay Tsunami sighed leaning back away from Clay.

This Is Cute But The Wings Are Kind Of Weird Dragons Dessin Les Royaumes De Feu

Peril fumed in her room she scraped her claws on the ground in annoyance as the waves of unfathomably irritated heat made the walls began melting into red hot magma.

Tsunami x riptide lemon. The Talons of Peace had been discontinued thanks to the Dragonets of Destiny and Tsunami. Tsunami and Riptides Moment. Lynxter Turtle x Kinkajou Turtlejou.

My queen The last part was said with a bow after which he turned to go. Child of Tsunami and Riptide. You spotted a Rainwing who was suppose.

Three years after the Pantalan War the Jade Winglet has finally graduated from Jade Academy. Tsunami beat her wings furiously aiming in the direction of the SeaWing Kingdom. She spoke in a queenly way though you could tell she was angry excuse me my daughter will be staying right here Riptide got that smug look on his face again and said Very well then tsunami I guess we can start your aquatic lessons tomorrow if thats ok with you.

Clay seemed to be avoiding her all week. She unwrapped the pearls from her wings. He just hopped he caught her in a good time.

Part 2 of Wings of Fire Smut and Lemons. The War is finally over. Tsunami had grown to become a beautiful SeaWing.

Tsunami didnt know why but she was flying toward the Summer Palace in the Seawing Kingdom. Riptide was swimming all the way to Jade Mountain. So while riptide fucked tsunami anemone made out with tsunami until riptide cumed in tsunami.

It had a Tsunami on it and next to it were two dragons that where both swimming together. The five Dragonets of Destiny having achieved peace return to the Rainforest for Glory to resume queenly duties. WoF Next Gen.

Tsunami X malereader. Truth or dare Tsunami Riptide asked her. I want canon dragons but Ill do OCs sometimes.

It was a sunny day noon one week after the ascension of Thorn as Queen of the Sandwings. It also gave you a place next to General Tsunami as a lieutenant. Tsunami and Riptide - Tsunami teaches a self-defense class at the academy while Riptide is the head leader of the Talons of Power.

Its interesting because the Ripnami situation has a role-reversal situation where Riptide is an obeying low-life and Tsunami is the badass princess who is more likely to rescue a damsel in distress and this time the damsel is Riptide lol sorry Tide. Now they must face the ultimate challenge. Clay x Peril Claril Tsunami x Riptide Ripnami Glory x Deathbringer Glorybringer Starflight x Fatespeaker Starspeaker SunnyI think Sunny is single and she will die that way I like winter x moon but Tui T Sutherland already said that Moonbli is for sure so.

Youre gonna get that as soon as I know what to write. She had gotten a letter from Riptide asking her to return for a short time and her friends agreed to fill in for her at Jade Mountain Academy. Her power was her pride and joy to her anyway.

Tsunami x Riptide works. I dont care if its gay lesbian or for whatever reason a threesome just request it maybe Ill do it. Requested again by Infi1trait0.

When he got there he heard the roars of Tsunami crying in pain. Although the egg wasnt worthless this time it didnt make it hurt any less and Tsunami continued to scream just as she had the first time. Once riptide cumed in anemone queen coral came in and riptide being very horny went over and fucked and anemone sucked corals boobs which were only visible when coral was and tsunami also finger fucked each other.

You go in another room and kiss for seven minutes straight Tsunami cried and Clay flared his wings. Whats seven minutes of heaven Clay asked. Tsunami snorted Not untill this little one hatches.

Little did they know they came on Breeding Night the name for a full-tribe orgy during mating season. Sequel to The Worry List and A Hazy Shade of Winter. He replied You too Princess with a mock-bow.

I hope shes alright. Acting on their hopes and dreams. Since with disabling of comments also my old - but still relevant - comment disappearedPlease keep WoF related discussions to my WoF vids dont try to make.

She had broad shoulders and hips showing she had been practicing for years teaching young dragonets to fight. Moonwatcher x Winter Glory X Deathbringer Clay X Peril Tsunami x Riptide Starflight x Sunny I am ok with Starflight and fatespeaker Turtle X Kinkajou 4 If you. Anywhere by Rurikredwolf.

Every time she went to talk to him he would make up an excuse and leave. Tsunami wondered if her child would have the same sense of humor as its dad. Mar 2 2018 Name.

Tsunami and Riptide dont spend a lot of time together but are still mates and visit each other frequently. Edited by COBALT Sapphixation 0. Or sat least I hope her trainies are alright thought Riptide.

He was going to give Tsunami a present a bracelet. Youre here to see dragons rubbing up against each other for who-knows-why. They were married and Tsunami was laying her first real egg with Riptide.

In the morning she ate a fish and dove to the Hatchery. But she knew she didnt have to worry about her friends for right now she knew where they were. A month later Tsunami and Riptide made it official.

I think winter x lynx. But when it was done Tsunami looked at the egg. I dare you to do seven minutes of heaven with Clay Riptide said and Tsunami gasped.

1 Tsunami and Riptide. Edited by A Fandom user 0. He loves colors like lemon yellow lime green and tangerine orange.

22 It was late afternoon and Riptide was hunting in the ocean. This is my Headcanon nothing is officially canon. COBALT Sapphixation 432020.

Yes but the lemon is nasty. She was slender and graceful yet strong and powerful. You were one of the best fighters in the whole Rainwing Kingdom having some scars to prove it.

Then tsunami and ane mone switched. And slowly through the days of her presence you slowly began to soften for the Seawing. He decided to swim by the coral reef and see what they had.

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