Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tyrants Children

Tyrants Children - When can we say that a child is a tyrant? Child tyranny exists and it must be fought and controlled. How? Javier Urra, Doctor of Psychology, first Ombudsman of the Community of Madrid and author of the book The little dictator. When parents are the victims, it speaks of tyrants children, a behavior problem we face parents in today's society. Knowing how to identify the causes and set limits on children's education is essential to stop this attitude that can do much damage to parents.

What is the profile of the tyrant child?

Tyrants children

The profile of a tyrant child starts at a young age. A tyrant child is not just a whimsical, not the one who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or is characterized as hyperactive. There is only one oppositionist, is a child who, from a very young age, feel pleasure and enjoy twisting the wrist of his father or mother, to get what he proposed. It is a child that is characterized by a philosophical fundamental principle, which is first and then me. He thinks that everyone revolves around you, and you do not have to put in place the grandfather or grandmother. It does not show empathy and do not mind getting hysterically or shout at the door of a department store to achieve their goals.

What features characterize the behavior of a tyrant child?

Their behavior is becoming increasingly pathological as it grows. It is possible that at 7 years pull the chorizo sandwich because I wanted cheese, which at 12 years start insulting his mother and the 13 years between doing their physiological needs in the bathroom, while her mother he's taking a shower.

What prognosis have a child who behaves like that?

This is a process that degenerates with very poor prognosis soon. It has nothing to do with the teenager who hits a bang parents, which is natural and healthy, but with someone who vexes, which is very overbearing, abusive and usually against the mother. A third of small dictators are and girls, which is a poor prognosis for this society, but the worst is that it is a form of violence, because one who lives is always the mother. The boy is characterized by assaulting the mother or even slap her because he did not wash his shirt, for example, and the risk for future couple that boy is very high.

How can we educate children to prevent tyranny to parents?

We need to educate children on empathy to put yourself in the other in mirror neurons, sensitivity, compassion, forgiveness and learn to know forgive. No dictator was born.

What situations conducive to a child evolve into tyranny?

There are women who are alone in life and it is difficult to educate from loneliness, there are others who are with the husband, but it is as if they were alone, there are parents who are separated and malmeten against the other or ridicule the mother, there are cases that the mother contributes two children and father two others, but they have no moral strength to instruct the biological child or parents see in a burger sitting against 14 year old son and not knowing what to say because I do not know. In these cases, children grow in contradiction with no real reference in their education.

What he is mistaken society with the problem of children tyrants?

There is a toxic aspect of society in general that says children come first. Let's see, children are important, but not the first, I tell you, I've been the first Ombudsman. I find it essential to go to a hospital to know sick children, to go with the grandmother who has Alzheimer's, you may not know what it says, but feel, they go to camp and know what the effort. And if we put that antidote, the vaccine, we will continue with the problem. In the last year, we had 8,000 complaints of group 14 to 18 years, which is 1,000 more than the previous year, and the prognosis is not good, we must educate from the first moment, you have to socialize, and set limits, accept frustrations and know the difference.