Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Value Of Piety In Children

The Value Of Piety In Children - One of the values ​​and virtues in which it is advisable to educate children is pity or compassion, a virtue that demonstrates the willingness to help with the problems of another person.

We currently live in a society that has lost respect for others or gossiping, and represents a lack of affection between equals, in which the end justifies the means.

How to educate children on the value of piety

The value of piety in children

First it should encourage respect for people. While it is true that may be faced with our fellow options it should always be tolerant of the other party and understand your speech or how to act.

At school, at home, in the park, any time is good to educate the child in the value of piety, but as in all aspects of education, parents will be those who have to lead by example.

It is difficult in such a materialistic world like today, instill so spiritual a child values, but godliness is a necessary virtue when forward as a society, as a union is generated, seeing each individual as equals, and not as different. There is a custom to think that we are all different, and actually are fit, but deep down we are all equal, we all have concerns, fears or defects, and therefore should be tolerant and compassionate with which we face.

While it may seem a religious value, it is a social value rather because the commandments are merely a guide social and spiritual values ​​that the world work better. Therefore, saving and stereotypes, and corroborating that not always the order of the factors does not alter the product, piety is a virtue that helps us to be a group of individuals and not about individuals grouped.