Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Language Of Parents And Children

The Language Of Parents And Children - Language is the first system of signals used by the baby to relate to their environment and to learn from his surroundings. From the earliest age, the child learns to identify sounds and their meaning, and even distinguish the tone with which it is spoken. By nine months, the baby knows if their parents are angry or if you are treated with love and affection.

The verbal stimulation baby

Language between parents and children
Babies learn to talk during their first two years of life making learning both ways. On the one hand, his vocal apparatus testing how to make new sounds with the tongue, mouth, palate, lips and any new tooth to appear on your gums learn how it works.

On the other, the bond with their parents and communication with them is the key to transforming these sounds go into meaningful words and then sentences.

The mastery of language is essential to the learning of literacy previous step and is a way to become aware of everything that is learned from the environment in which we live. Besides the language, the child also uses other mechanisms to demonstrate, that allow you to contact others: gestures, looks, facial expressions.

These elements reveal attitudes, feelings, biases and motivations, allowing a transcendent interpersonal communication.

Verbal and gestural languages

From the first moments of life, the baby captures the intensity of affection, appreciate if you hold or hug him; values ​​the affective tone look adult when about a toy.

This also occurs among adults and among members of a family people. Language is social and is limited by the knowledge of each. The symbols are personal and inexhaustible. The possibility of combining both languages ​​(verbal and gestural) communication means.