Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Teach Values, The perseverance

Teach Values, The perseverance - Perseverance is an ongoing effort, is to achieve what is proposed and seek solutions to the difficulties that may arise, a fundamental value in life to obtain a specific result.

With perseverance strength is obtained and this allows us not get carried away by how easy and comfortable. The study always implies patience and perseverance for completion. So it's very important that children learn to be persistent. It will give stability, self-confidence and maturity.

Learn to persevere

Child learns to walk on the beach

Perseverance learn by example. Parents and the child's teachers, teach you what is to be plodding through his actions. We will succeed if we are consistent in our activities and we anticipate obstacles, if we firmly face the difficulties, if we face the challenges without fear, with full and strong commitment to fulfill our task or activity whatsoever.

The child can learn to persevere

The child can learn to be persistent in different areas and places. For example:

- In studies

- With duties

- With the problems and difficulties

- Playing, losing or gaining

- With their dreams and goals

- Having the support of their parents

- Knowing that you can learn from the good and bad experiences

- Realizing that it is worth fighting for what you want

- When you have to fulfill a task to get what you want

- Given their triumphs and successes

- Receiving congratulations for his good grades

- Identify their mistakes and failures and looking for ways not to repeat

- In its stakes in team tasks

- With the realization of a sport

- When you receive impulses and stimuli from their parents

- Making crafts