Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Good Communication In The Family

Good Communication In The Family - Of course, there is a basic rule to improve communication in a family. Each family is a different world and has a unique language. However, there should be, as a way to improve communication, will, interest, and availability, by the parents, that this space is created and lived intensely, as far as possible. If what they want is a united family, the best way, the most successful way, it is communication.

6 Tips to foster communication between parents and children

 Communication between parents and children

1. Notes the type of communication that you hold with your child. He spends a few days of observation, judgment and guilt free. It works very well connect a recorder in usual times of conflict or family overload. It is a healthy exercise but sometimes difficult to accept conclusions when the harsh reality of ideal performance exceeds all expectations.

2. Active listening and reflectively each of the interventions of your children. Rate extent deserve priority over the task you are doing; in any case, our response must be correct enough not to underestimate their need for communication.

3. Pay attention to your children's requests. If we can not pay the necessary attention at the time, reason with him a postponement of the communicative act later. We can say simply: Give me 10 minutes and I am immediately with you. Recall after thanking his patience and ability to wait.

4. Responds in different ways. Avoid the use of the same type of responses systematically so that our child does not think we're always authoritarian, do you feel guilty, that we take importance to things or give sermons.

5. Leave the blame aside. If parents until now have not been a model as communicators, we think we can improve and adapt to a new form of communication that will reverse in a good for our family, relaxing or even extinct many of the usual conflicts with children.

6. Change or improvement towards more open communication. It is advisable to establish a testing time, as a week or a weekend, to assess whether it works and whether we should change something else. Parents have entrenched habits and behavior change requires effort, dedication and, above all, patience (with ourselves!).