Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cooperation Or Collaboration, Teach Values To Children

Cooperation Or Collaboration, Teach Values To Children - What is cooperation? How can you explain to a child what it means to collaborate? Cooperation or collaboration is the task of helping and serving, in a selfless manner, to others. To that children are individuals collaborating and cooperating, we need to develop in them a generous, caring and altruistic spirit. Follow some tips on how to get children to cooperate.

How to get children to cooperate

Educating children on the value of collaboration

There are some ideas that can help parents and educators to get children to cooperate:

1. Considering the age and abilities of each child, it is important that every little cooperate and collaborate in the housework. Children can sort the toys, make the bed, put on and remove the table, etc.

2. At school, children can also practice collaboration. They can help peers who have some difficulty learning, help your teacher to distribute materials or give any message, etc.

3. Contributing is everyone's responsibility and also of parents and educators to children. It is taught to collaborate, working with them in their work, in their daily lives, in learning a game, help them get dressed, eat, etc.

4. You can get children to cooperate motivating them by the desire to serve spontaneously.

5. Children must be participants of tasks both at home and outside it. They should be considered when assembling a project. For example, in preparing a birthday party in the organization of the house, etc.

6. Cooperation teach children by example. If children see their parents collaborating attitudes toward others, they will be motivated to practice them and imitate them.

7. It is important that children know what to expect from them, ever, and that we recognize the good attitude to have.

8. Make a favor to someone else is also a way to cooperate or collaborate.

9. Should teach children to be alert and earrings, seeing if anyone needs help. This will be feeding the altruistic and service spirit in children.

10- activities such as sports and crafts, can encourage children to collaborate and cooperate.