Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Communication And Bond With Your Baby Daddy

Communication And Bond With Your Baby Daddy - I am convinced that the language of parents with babies is not the same that mothers have with their children. It is as if they spoke another 'language' between them. The bond of mother and child is created when the child is still in her womb. The link established with the baby's father is later. It not always achieved when the baby is born. Some parents take months to fully connect with your child.

The tenderness of parents with their babies

 Dad bonding with your baby

The bond of mother with her baby is born and reborn at every moment during breastfeeding, diapering, at bedtime, to walk, to take you in my arms. As parents, get along with the baby represents a challenge for them. Parents can not try to be another mom, nor should they. They should be themselves and establish a link with the child in his own way. At the end of the day, caring for a newborn baby it involves not only breast feeding, or have it clean and stimulated. It also requires creating bonding through touch, the game, take to sleep, assist or talk.

It is enriching for the baby that both mother and father to establish a communication channel and a link to it. My husband at first it seemed impossible diapering our daughter or feeding. He learned slowly, but because he wanted to and it proposed. There are parents who do not reach even that. They are afraid staining or 'starve' your little one. Of course, some are very funny. I remember your child to sleep at night, a neighbor dropped her baby in the stroller into the yard and went round and round with little until he fell exhausted and fell asleep.

Parents have a very particular way of connecting with their children. No doubt many of them are more resourceful, more creative and less fearful than us. Parents are very particular on these issues, especially when the baby is still very small. Some only get to interact with their children from 6 months when the baby already holding the head and begins to babble.

However, times change and it shows that today more parents are involved in caring for your baby. No matter if we believe they do right or wrong. What matters is that they try, to the extent that there are parents who, incredible as it may seem, take better care of their babies than mothers. There are parents who run it great! It may not go well with them how to dress the baby, but to take a walk, the pediatrician or to day care, they are given great. Suggest adventures, entertain while eating to soothe bedtime or reading a story, also I do very well with some. Not sure if it for that, but the first word is often say babies 'daddy'.